Locations for training

I mainly train at the private studio in Tamarac, but I also provide other options for your convenience including the park, your home, or home gym.  Due to COVID I understand leaving the home is not an option and that’s why I’m willing to bring the gym to you!

GymWithJim Personal Training & Physical Therapy


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Private studio - Just you and the Trainer One-on-One

7166 N. University Dr.
Tamarac Fl 33321


  • Why me?
  • Why You?

Not only am I certified, I am highly qualified to help you attain your goals. With a vast history in exercises science and the musculoskeletal system I am highly knowledgable in the human body.

You’re searching for a trainer or therapist because you want to improve your current YOU. You’re not happy and you’re ready to take the bull by the horns in order to achieve your goals.

Do not hesitate to call or text me. I’m friendly and if I don’t know if I’m the right fit for you or don’t think I can help, I’ll be the first one to help you find your answer. Helping people is passion of mine and I’m glad to get you going on the right track.