You don’t just get a physical therapist or personal trainer when you sign up with us. You get a hybrid of the two disciplines which go hand in hand. Merging both skills places are credentials above the rest of the competition.


  • Nutritional guidance – Price – Included with training

  • Single meeting, Time – Price – READ BELOW

Per Session
Single 30 minute personal training session, includes nutritional guidance and personalized exercise programing catered to your specific goals.
Per Session
Single 45 minute personal training session, includes nutritional guidance and personalized exercise programing catered to your specific goals.
Per Treatment
**Requires physical therapy evaluation** Personalized physical therapy plan of care in order to treat functional limitations and meet clients goals. Includes treatment
Physical Therapy evaluation
Out of pocket, no insurance. Physical therapy evaluation from licensed physical therapist with great knowledge in musculoskeletal pain disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Weekend Rates
  • Facility fee
  • Travel Fee

Premium rate of 2.5x rates listed above. I understand this is a high, but my time is important and so is yours!

There are no additional fees other then the training fees. No gym membership or supplements required although can be helpful to achieve your goals.

For home visits there will be an extra fee on top of base fee for your convenience

STOP WAITING. You know you’ve put this off a long time, but now is the time to make a better you. Call or email me today!

  • What is personal training?

    Personal training is personalized programing for the client in order to achieve aspired goal.  Each aspect of the personal training program is catered to fit the clients physical and mental abilities. There are no cookie cutter programs here.. no cookies either!!

  • What is physical therapy?

    Physical therapy has a lot of meanings. To put it simple a physical therapist comes in handy in order to get your body to where it needs to be to best perform.  Whether it’s improving low back pain, getting up and down off the floor, recovering after a stroke, a good physical therapist can rehab you to improve your function.

  • What's the best nutrition plan to lose weight?

    There is no one best nutrition program for anyone. We all have such diverse backgrounds, hobbies, habits, cultural beliefs that I can’t give everyone the same plan or they usually fail rather quickly. I’m here to help you understand nutrition in order to make better decisions and live a healthier lifestyle. I am not a nutritionist but I can help you eat a little healthier to best meet your goals.

  • Why am I in pain?

    Pain is multifactorial and this is no easy answer.  A physical therapy evaluation can helps differentiate if your problem and form a gameplan to get you where you need to be.